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Our Refund Policy

The services offered on this website do not warrant or guarantee to find a buyer or result in a successful closing. See our listing agreement for your details. Due to the extremely low price of our services, unused months of service are not refundable.

To cancel the service after it is ordered:

  • Before home is listed and before supplies have shipped or if no supplies are in service package ordered: Contact us immediately by email. The entire listing fee is non-refundable after 30 days, and fully transferable to list another property within one year of the original order.  When you contact us, please leave name, date of order, full address, telephone number, and reason for canceling. Do not assume your request was received on time until you receive a confirmation that your order was canceled before shipping, or notification that your supplies had been shipped before your request was viewed.
  • After the home is listed in MLS:* The fee is not refundable. The service does not guarantee the property will sell, or guarantee a minimum number of showings per month. Seller is responsible for reviewing the accuracy of the MLS listing.

Time of listing and listing terms

Listing terms are determined by the listing agreement the seller signs with the MLS Broker. The number of months of listing should start upon the date the listing is signed and/or accepted by the broker (not the order date). Where the website offers X months of listing, the seller is free to choose a listing expiration date earlier than X months, however, seller should realize (1) broker may not notify or remind seller when expiration occurs or is approaching; (2) seller will most likely need to pay an additional fee to extend the listing; (3) once listing agreement expires seller may not be able to extend the listing, a new listing and the applicable fee may be required.

All Other Products and Services:

  • Key Lockboxes Caution: Key lockboxes are not meant to be used for non-Realtor assisted showings. You should not let a buyer without a Realtor or any non-Realtor you do not know and trust enter your home without being there with them. Either you or the Realtor helping the buyer needs to be present. Realtor identity should be verified before any showing (quick and easy verification process suggestions available upon request). Unused key lockboxes and original packing materials may be returned for a refund (minus shipping/handling/restocking charges)
  • Closing: All sellers have the obligation to maintain accurate data in the system. This means you are to notify us of your closing and email the closing statement within 3 days of closing so we can update the system.
  • MLS Listing and Packages: An MLS Listing does not require payment of a listing commission in all circumstances. The "selling" commission must be paid if you receive an acceptable offer from a buyer who was procured, shown the property by, or involved with an agent. This commission will be paid even if it is not mentioned in the purchase agreement. BuySelf lists properties with seller-selected commission amounts of any amount above 2.5% (BuySelf recommends paying 3 to 3.15%), and must be determined before a listing can be entered into MLS.

Other Important Information: Customer is responsible for learning and complying with all restrictions on sign location and/or type of sign (including, but not limited to governmental, property, or association restrictions). MLS cooperative commission rules vary by state and are generally subject to arbitration and procuring cause rules -contact your local agent to determine the details of these requirements.



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