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Jeff Kermath
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Licensed in Michigan #6505330456
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Legal Notices

Canceling an Order: See the cancellations and returns policy on this website for details.

MLS-MLS listings are not refundable once listed for any circumstances. Customer is responsible for reviewing the accuracy of the listing information once input and must immediately request a correction of any inaccuracies. Customer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided to the MLS. Listings are subject to substantial MLS rules for listings and the payment of commissions. Local broker does not provide arbitration or representation services in the event of a commission dispute. Any broker required involvement in such a dispute requires upfront payment of $170 per hour and is subject to broker availability. MLS Brokers may individually, based upon their own independent judgment, refuse to accept a listing that does not offer a buyer commission that offers a reasonable chance of sale in the opinion of the broker. Acceptance of a listing does not imply that the broker guarantees or has evaluated the probability that the property will sell.

Listing Agreements are available upon request to qualified home sellers.

Yard Signs: Customer should check for local requirements or restrictions on the use of any yard signs or other exterior marketing materials. This website disclaims any warranty or guarantee of legality or appropriateness of exterior marketing materials. Customer uses these materials at their own risk.

Key lockboxes: Customer is responsible for the use and implications of using a key lockbox. This website is not responsible for any problems that occur as a result of using the key lockbox. Customer is responsible for the security of the property and the use and maintenance of the key lockbox. Customer is responsible for monitoring the key lockbox for malfunctions.

Web advertising: Listings on all websites (including but not limited to, HomeAdvisor, newspaper websites, real estate company websites, etc.) are subject to the availability and local agent/listing contract enrollment in specific programs which may or may not be available. Once listed, the listing may be removed if the program ends or eligibility requirements change. The company will use its best efforts to get the properties listed in existing programs, but no guarantee is made the listings will be placed or stay on the websites for the duration of the listing. Website availability differs for each metro area and every state. Many sites datafeed from others. AmeriSell Realty has no control as to the efficiency of the datafeed or time it takes to datafeed to other sites from the MLS.

Non refundable services: Many of the services offered on this site are non-refundable. See the cancellations and returns policy on this website for details. MLS services are non-refundable once the earlier of (1) property is listed or (2) the agent listing meeting (where necessary) is scheduled. Services not mentioned in the cancellations and returns policy on this website are not refundable.

Satisfaction Not Guaranteed: The services sold on this website are tools that facilitate a home seller selling their own home. the result is not guaranteed, it is heavily dependent upon the skill, knowledge, and effort of the person(s). Customers who do not adequately price, present, make available, or respond to inquiries may not be able to sell their home. Other market conditions may make the home sale take numerous months. Buyers may not be able to successfully close on their home sale. These are risks inherent in any home selling services, including that of traditional agents and brokers.

Other Risks: Performance of the services provided on this website rely upon many vendors, computer systems, formal networks, and the rules and regulations of each. Rarely occurring events such as delays, listing inaccuracies, broker errors, shipping errors, delayed response, or similar issues do not entitle the customer to a refund. Sellers acknowledge and accept that they must comply with all applicable rules and regulations, as interpreted by their broker. Seller dissatisfaction with applicable formats, rules or regulations is not grounds for a partial or whole refund.



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