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Home warrantee

Nothing gives your prospective buyer more peace of mind than a home warrantee (and increases the odds of a sale)!

  • As your Realtor, we can order the home warrantee.
  • We order from national companies.
  • It ordered anytime during the listing period or just prior to closing.
  • As the seller, you're covered during the listing period then after closing, it transfers to the buyer so they are covered.
  • Coverage is generally within one or two days of ordering.
  • The fee is usually paid out of the sellers proceeds at closing.
  • Most warranties range from $365 to $425 depending on what is covered.

Most all home warranties are $365 and you can pay it from the proceeds of your sale at closing. A home warrantee is a powerful negotiating tool for a small amount of money.

Remember, A home that offer a home warrantee generally sell faster because it gives the buyer peace of mind after closing.

If you wish to order a home warrantee just send an email to the broker, Jeff at Please let us know the name of the buyer, your name and address. That's it!