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Scheduling showings on homes

This is the area where you really earn your real estate rebate. Remember, typically the buyers agent (Amerisell Realty in this case) meets you at the property to open and show the home you wish to see. With our program, we typically do not meet you at the home to see it, the listing agent does.

Since most Realtors are used to buyers seeing the home with their agent there may be a little resistance here. Our technique is fairly new and to be honest a little ahead of the curve.

Listed homes you wish to see:

  • When you wish to see a home call us or email us and we will contact the listing agent for you and attempt to set it up. If there is an issue, we may refer you directly to the listing agent for you to view the home.
  • Since you won't be with the buyers agent, it is important for you to have your pre approval certificate and buyers agency agreement with you so the listing agent knows you're a potentially serious home buyer and not someone just out "shopping". Time is money and everyone's time is valuable!
  • Try to be as efficient as possible. Have a clear image of exactly what type of home, area and price range you're looking for
  • Don't waste people's time! Remember, typically the buyers agent (us) accompanies you to the see the home. Since we won't do that you'll have to let the listing agent know that you are ready to buy and have your mortgage approval.

Open Houses:

  • Open houses will be easy as you just go when the home is open. Make sure you have your buyer's agency contract and preapproval here. Most open houses are held by the listing agent so it's important they know you are represented and cannot become a client of theirs.

Calling Listing Agents:

The listing agents phone number is generally found on the listing, if not you should be able to get an office roster or Google them.

When you call the listing agent to see their listing they may think that you don't have an agent since you're calling them direct. Inform them that you do have an agent but you wish to arrange the showing directly with them. (If you're not comfortable doing this, call us and we'll not only pull the mls sheet and get the data on the home, we'll schedule it for you).

Occasionally, they may be offended as the listing agent expect the buyers agent (AmeriSell Realty) to drive out and show you the property.

It may be easier to use the text below when scheduling a showing:

"I'm calling because I would like to see your listing at ____________. I have an agent but they're out of town and I wondered if you can show me the property. I am ready to buy and have my pre approval."

I'm very interested in your listing on ____________________. Before I make an offer I want to see the property. I am using Amerisell Realty as my agent. They represent me and do all of the paperwork and negotiating, but they typically don't accompany me to scheduling's. Amerisell does pay listing agents 10% of their commission though just for you to go to the extra time of showing your listing.

If you can't show the property my agent is happy to call the seller and arrange a tour for you. If you can't be there, is it possible for me to meet the seller have them open the home? I am pre approved too.

If you have any trouble scheduling a tour with a listing agent, just call us at 734-944-1792.. We'll make sure you get into the property!

You should also print a copy of our "Policy Regarding Showings" and give it to the listing agent. This way the agent knows they'll be compensated for showing you the home.


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