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Buyer Rebates Are In.
Working With Agents The Old Way Is Out.

Buyer Rebates

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If you're looking for your next home, why not get paid to do it?

How to earn your rebate

  1. Have us enter you into "Listing Match". Most MLS's have a feature where we can enter your criteria like price, size and area as a client. This enables you to receive daily emails with all properties listed that meet your search criteria! You are the "First to know". Each time a home is listed or the price reduced that meets your search criteria you are emailed the home! CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON HOW TO GET SET UP!
  2. Understand the process of looking at homes:  Normally, the buyer's agent (me) will set the showings, accompany you to and open the home for sale.  With our "Home Rebate" program though you will be doing most of this.  As you call listing agents make sure you tell them you have a buyer's agent. Otherwise the listing agent will think you are their prospective buyer (we want the listing agent to understand you have a buyer's agent) so you need to let them know this.
  3. Listing agent resistance:   When you tell an agent you'd like to see their listing most of them will wonder why your buyer's agent (me) isn't doing this work. Afterall, that's why the seller is paying the 3% or so buyer's agent's commission. We can accompany you to showings but the more times we get you in the home, the lower your rebate is. HINTS ON HOW TO GET IN TO SEE HOMES HERE.
  4. Why should the listing agent let you in their listing?  Two reasons. First, they have a fiduciary duty to the seller to sell the home. Second, IF WE HAVE TO WE WILL GIVE PART OF OUR BUY SIDE COMMISSION TO THE LISTING AGENT IF WE HAVE TO. OFF THIS "SHOWING BONUS" ONLY IF YOU'RE GETTING RESISTANCE. I offer them a "Showing Bonus10%" for them showing you their listing when this is normally done by me, the buyer's agent. The "Showing Bonus 10%" means they get 10% of our buyer's agent commission.  Click here for the form, make copies of it and give it to each listing agent for each home you visit. HINTS ON HOW TO GET IN HOMES HERE. Again, only use the "Showing Bonus" if you have to as it will lower our commission.
  5. Sign our buyer agency contract:  This way all other Realtors know you are working with and are represented by another Realtor. NOTE: You can cancel anytime. If you don’t have a buyer’s agency form just tell them you have an agent or they will think you are their prospect.  This is a handy form to have to show to listing agents too. It lets the listing agent know that you are working with me as your buyer's agent.
  6. Our contract with you:  This form, click here, is our contract to you that ensures you get paid your rebate at closing.
  7. Make sure you are pre approved:  Realtors don’t like to waste time showing homes to people that cannot get a mortgage so it is essential you get preapproved AND have the preapproval certificate with you when you view homes.
  8. Mortgage Approvals: If you haven't been approved a great person to contact is Jane Carey from Bank of America. I've known Jane for years. She has great rates and prides herself on outstanding service! Click here for Jane's info.
  9. How to Make the Offer: Go here, it explains the entire process in depth, all the in's and out's!

Calculating your rebate:  The more work you do finding your home, the higher the rebate. The concept is simple. We know that you're actively searching for homes. The less time we spend showing you homes, the more you get back at closing.
# of days / times we show you homes                  % of Rebate earned
0-1 day                                                                50%
2 days                                                                 40%
3 days                                                                 30%
4 days                                                                 25%
If you have to have us show you homes more than 4 times or days you really haven’t done your homework as far as narrowing down what you’re really looking for.
Potential resistance:  Most Listing agents will expect me, your buyer’s agent to show the property.    Since we may not be able to be there for every showing, the listing agent must show you the property,  (unless there is an open house). NOTE: IT is illegal for a listing agent to give you a lockbox code to get into a vacant home. If they allow this it is wrong.
There may be slight animosity on the part of the listing agent as they expect us to show you their listing. This is why we our “Showing Incentive Fee” of 10% of the buyer’s side commission, see above.
 In the past, buyer’s agents scheduled AND attended showings.  True, they want their listing sold but both listing agent and buyer’s agents have their “perceived” duties to earn their commission.
The listing agents phone number is generally found on the listing, if not you should be able to get an office roster or Google them.

When you call the listing agent to see their listing they may think that you don't have an agent since you're calling them direct. Inform them that you do have an agent but you wish to arrange the showing directly with them. (If you're not comfortable doing this, call us and we'll not only pull the mls sheet and get the data on the home, we'll schedule it for you).
Occasionally, they may be offended as the listing agent expects the buyer’s agent (AmeriSell Realty) to drive out and show you the property.
If the listing agent gives you resistance try the techniques below!

"I'm calling because I would like to see your listing at ____________. I have an agent but they're out of town and I wondered if you can show me the property. I am ready to buy and have my pre approval." I’ve narrowed my choices down to just a few homes and this one may be it!

I'm very interested in your listing on ____________________. Before I make an offer I want to see the property. I am using Amerisell Realty as my agent. They represent me and do all of the paperwork and negotiating, but they typically don't accompany me to showings.  AmeriSell‘s policy is to pay you, the listing agent 10% of their commission to you for the additional work of showing this home to me.

My agent is out of town but I would really like to get in to see your listing at ______. Can you tell me when a convenient time is for you? I’m pre approved, ready to buy and really like this home!

If you have any trouble scheduling a tour with a listing agent, just call me at 734-649-4903.I”ll make sure you get into the property!

Don’t let the rebate fool you.  You are fully represented.  We bring over 20 years of experience and hundreds of closing to the table.  As you buyer’s agent, we are committed to getting you the lowest price and best terms on your next home!
With AmeriSell Realty, you have the best of both worlds; Flat fee listings to save you thousands selling and buyer rebates when you’re buying. We are committed to making the home buying and selling experience the best it can possibly be while saving you the most money possible.

Click Here for a complete copy of the "Home Buyer Rebate Guide".




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